Butterflies Instead

jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

I lock the door and lock my head
And dream of butterflies instead
The beauty of their colored wings
The trees, the grass and pretty things
Imagination fills the void of my existence

Long time ago, when i was trying to be a different person ... this song changed all ... that words blew agains my soul ... hitting in his heart, hardened with tears of blood... but yours, that tears falling on your eyes ... for me ... woke me up forever

What a great heart, which even is able to mourn the tears of another's heart ... and then ... sing me a song.

20.000 secons since you left me ... and i am not counting any more ...

(My favorite band :D)

3 comentarios:

XENOPUS dijo...

I don't need a parachute baby, if i count with you

Aoki dijo...

...and no matter how I try
I can't seem to think of anything better to say ...

XENOPUS dijo...

Everything is better when it comes from you :)